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Grain PhD Radio

Be sure to tune in to Rural Radio SiriusXM Channel 147 every Monday at 2:08 (CT) to listen to our Grain PhD radio segment on the Ag PhD radio show. During the segment, a Grain PhD expert will give a market update and answer the Hefty Brother’s risk management questions. See our links below to listen to our previous segments, and don’t forget to tune in next Monday!


Link to Radio Segment

8/2/18 Ag PhD Field Day
7/24/18 Are the Worst Prices Behind Us?
7/17/18 Minimum Price Contract & Hedge to Arrive Contracts
7/09/18 Fibonacci Retracement Strategy
6/26/18 Negotiating before the Elevator
6/19/18 Combatting Tariffs
6/13/18 Market and USDA Report Summary/Field Day
5/31/18 Summer Sales Opportunities / Establishing a Hedge Account
5/22/18 China Trade Update and Multi Year Pricing Strategies
5/15/18 The Costs Associated with Futures and Options
5/8/18 Two Option Ideas that Can Fit Your Plan
4/24/18 Terminology Tuesday
4/18/18 Using Grainbridge Software to Aid a Marketing Plan
4/10/18 Sell and Defend Marketing Strategy
4/4/18 China Soybean Tariffs Get Discussed
3/29/18 USDA Report Allows Producers to be Patient
3/23/18 Serial Options
3/9/18 Are Acreage Decisions Changing
2/21/18 Acreage Estimates for 2018
2/13/18 Re-Owning Cash Sales
2/8/18 Commodity Review after Recent Rally
1/29/18 Get Ready to Take Advantage of the Winter Rally
1/24/18 A 3 in 1 Soybean Hedge Strategy
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